Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An Amazing Heart for God!

A number of years ago I met a pastor and seminary professor who didn't impress me much at first. He was kind of scrawny and had a weird kind of voice and weirder laugh when he spoke and taught. BUT my first impression was so far off the mark! Jack Miller and his wife RoseMarie were two great servants of the King in His Kingdom!
Jack left many wise and wonderful insights carved into my heart and worked into the warp and woof of my life. He was a man of incredible humility who once said, "If people could really see into my heart, they'd be even more critical of me than they already are." Jack Miller wasn't into building his own kingdom. Jack Miller didn't care what people thought of Jack Miller BUT Jack Miller cared with all his life and heart what people thought about Jesus and he spent his life teaching people about God's amazing grace in very practical ways!
Jack Miller taught me so much about grace and joy and living in the love of Jesus! He taught me that the single most important thing in life beside loving God and others well is to "preach the Gospel" to my own heart every day!
God took Jack to heaven a number of years ago. Jack left a legacy of many hearts and lives changed forever as God used Jack to be His instrument to impact hearts with God's grace!
Thank you, Jesus, for your servant Jack Miller and the ways God used him and RoseMarie to impact my life!

Scotty Smith
Jack Miller, the man who taught me the most about grace, was the most missional, prayerful & joyful man I've ever met.

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