Saturday, December 10, 2011

God Wins with Weakness!

Christmas reminds us of the truth that God wins with weakness! God sent His only and deeply loved Son to earth in human skin precisely to deal with weakness, pain and loss - in a word, the effect of sin ravaging nature, culture and our hearts! Jesus came as a baby so He could live just like we do. He came to die and live again to take care of our sin problem!

The peculiar mark of God’s majesty is not just that he stoops to listen to or take thought of or care for infants, but that he makes them the means of his triumphs. God conquers his foes through the weaknesses of the weak—the speech of babies. When you think of God as a warrior, remember: He wins with weakness.
--John Piper,
The Peculiar Mark of Majesty, Part 1, delivered April 1, 2007.

Thank you, Babe of Bethlehem - the Messiah of God!
Thank you, Emmanuel - God with us!
Thank you, Savior of the world - Jesus!
Thank you, Risen Conquering King!

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