Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saving Grace

I have never watched "Saving Grace," and there is slim chance I ever will. Besides I think it's been cancelled. I just don't spend much time watching TV - got too much else to do.
It may be a stretch to relate the other kind of saving grace to the TV show. Saving Grace comes to you and me at great expense to the One Who provides that grace! Saving Grace comes at absolutely no cost to you and me. It is a free gift of inestimable value! Jesus purchased grace with His life's blood!
A favorite hymn captures some of the significance of grace. "... Tune my heart to sing Thy grace." What does that mean? "Tune my heart ... " Does God have this great tuning fork in the sky that He uses to reach down to tune hearts? Hardly!
Changing only one letter in "tune" explains what it means: "...Turn my heart to sing Thy grace." It is God's work in my heart and yours that turns my heart from my preoccupations to know and appreciate and live out His gift and work of grace in my heart!
The hymn continues: "O, to grace how great a debtor daily I'm constrained to be ... " If and when God's grace floods and changes my heart, then my days must be (constrained) lived in the humility that God's grace is a free gift for which I should and must live gratefully.
When I live gratefully knowing what a great debt I owe for God's grace to me, then I must love God first and best and love others well! That means I must forgive because grace is the vehicle of forgiveness for me! Every day calls me to model the Gospel as I live and be.
When my heart is shaped by such incredible, overwhelming grace, I am free and constrained to care for others with all the grace, hope and love of the Gospel!

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