Thursday, September 10, 2009


My daughter-in-law is all about organizing stuff. Recently I was in her home office. She has neatly labeled boxes for each of my grandchildren with the "treasures" she's saved from the seasons of their lives just waiting for her to arrange them in a memory book. Jesus may come back before she gets done and probably will, but what an awesome accomplishment! I'm terribly impressed and more than a little envious that I wasn't smart enough to put my children's treasures away in such an organized fashion!

My observations started a process of thought. When my life is said and done and there's nothing left but tears (I can only hope!) here and glory in heaven - what will be the treasures that are left?

Yesterday I heard an author talking about a book she has written. Her book is about what God might put into a memory box. I'm still processing what I heard. She thinks God's memory box would have (among other things): a fig leaf, a sprig of green leaves brought by the dove to Noah, a piece of Joseph's coat, and on she went. It's a clever idea, but I wonder if it doesn't trivialize what God treasures. Somehow I don't think God treasures the perishable. He treasures the imperishable!

Here's a short list of what I think He treasures about me (and you!)!
  • He treasures my adoption into His forever family!
  • He treasures the blood His Son shed to make the Way for me to be eligible for that adoption!
  • He treasures my love for Him!
  • He treasures the restoration He is working in my heart and character!
  • He treasures the people He brings into my life who need Jesus!
And that list can go on and on, but it encourages me in the stress of juggling all the demands of life to feel treasured by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

I haven't felt very treasured or "treasurable" today! I've been struggling to master a computer program. Things that smack of technology are hard for me! I don't like getting past the learning curve!

It helps ratchet down my stress level tonight to reflect that whether I feel treasured or even whether I am very "treasurable" isn't what matters! What matters is WHO treasures me! NOW I can lay my head on my pillow tonight and sleep in peace - I know I am a treasure to Him and that's really all that matters!

Even on days like today when I'm not very "treasurable," He treasures me enough to love me anyway and always and to pick me up, dust me off and set me on solid ground again! That's something for me to treasure, too! I treasure Him!

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