Monday, September 21, 2009

Tipping the King

I don't know much about playing chess beyond the checkered board and the pieces - king, queen, knight, rook, etc. I've never played a game of chess.

Yesterday I heard a sermon about Cain and Abel. The central motif of the sermon was a chess game, and it was a compelling metaphor.

The preacher talked about tipping the (losing) king to the victorious king. Of course, he was talking about King Jesus and how we need to tip the "king of our hearts" over in submission to King Jesus. I found the imagery such a significant picture of where my heart should be. King Jesus always is the Victor!

Isn't it silly that we take our little kings and think we're so great and grand in all our bold arrogance? It is pretty stupid to tout our little king - thinking so well of ourselves, thinking we know so much and can do so much! That's the path to a dead end life - an exercise in futility!

What matters is "tipping my little king" over in surrender to the King of Kings! King Jesus always wins in the end, but the wonder in the story is that He can take "my pitiful little king" and change my heart so that I'm not at all impressed with "my little king" anymore. King Jesus changes everything!

Paul writes in his letter to the church at Phillipi: "... at the name of Jesus every knee should bow ... and ... every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord ... " ! (Philippians 2:10 - 11)

It is all about that "tipping thing" - tipping my "little king" over in surrender to Jesus!

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