Thursday, March 5, 2015

Angels Wear Blue Jeans and Carry Snow Shovels!!!

We got a lot of snow last night for one night in Pittsburgh!  My hubby went out to clear the drive this morning.  First thing after he started the snow blower was that the belt snapped.  The snow blower wasn't going to blow ANY snow without a belt.  Our driveway is at least as long as a football field and straight up a hill accessing and egressing US 19.  Well, knowing we needed to get out to get a belt, we started to shovel.  We shoveled a lot.  Then a truck pulled up to the end of the drive to the side of US 19, a young man in blue jeans jumped out and started running through the deep snow up the hill.  I turned to John and said, "If he wants a job, say yes."  He kept coming and reached out his hand asking for a shovel.  "I've come to help,"  he said.  He started slinging snow like no-body's business!  Then we found out that his wife and 15-day-old son were in the truck waiting for him to take them to lunch.  It was amazing!  He was like a whirling dervish!  The driveway was soon cleared to the bottom, and he was on his way!  He had a name - actually a well-known name around here.  His son was the 8th generation in his family, he said.  I don't care what anybody says, he was an stranger in the snow who did the work of an angel.  Don't let anyone EVER tell you that angels don't wear blue jeans and carry snow shovels!  I know they do!

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