Saturday, May 3, 2014

Love is Down and Dirty!

I just saw this picture on Facebook.  I don't know how it got on my feed as I don't know the person who posted it.  I do know a person who liked it.  I was astonished!

It's just so wrong!  We see a person in need. The question about worthy is the one we ask in our heads. We MUST stop; we HAVE to stop!  We cannot love UNLESS we stop and DO something!  Loving is what we do in our hearts!  We put hands and feet on the feeling!  We do it anyway because we MUST!

Perhaps the picture means that we shouldn't evaluate whether we love by the worthiness of the one we need to love - OK, I'll give you that!  But I crawled up on my soapbox because it is so typical to use our evaluation of "worthy" as an excuse!  It's really all the more reason to love well!

The story Jesus told about the man beaten and left for dead by a gang of thieves - that's what it's all about.  The men who asked the worthy question in their heads crossed the road and passed by not getting their hands dirty and not even letting the blood and pain bother their eyes!  The man who stopped, gave first aid, and took the injured man to a safe place where he continued to provide care into an uncertain future, he didn't ask any questions.  He got down and dirty, crawled right into the mess, and showed what love looks like! 

DUH! I get the strong impression that's exactly what we are supposed to do: get down and dirty, crawl right into the mess, demo what love looks like!

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