Saturday, June 15, 2013

What I Wish!

I love being a grandmother! I love my grandchildren. Three of the seven come to visit often, and their coming is a very precious part of my life.

Having a day to day glimpse into their lives and hearts often makes me wish:
    I wish for them to care about forgiveness and kindness.
  • I wish for them to learn character values like constancy, patience, love, joy (not happiness caused by circumstances that go their way or having lots and lots of stuff but rather joy that comes in spite of circumstances and even deprivation), peace, faithfulness, self-control!
  • I wish for them to have hearts that think of others first and are willing to love and serve others more than wanting for themselves.
  • I wish for them to know and love God more than anyone or anything else.
  • I wish for them to love to learn.
  • I wish for them to know that stuff doesn't make happiness or contentment!!! BUT it does give grandmamas something to take away when that is helpful! :o]
  • And more................

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