Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gettin' Away with Murder!

Forty years is a LOooooooong time to get away with murder especially in open, perpetual execution! Forty years is a looooooooong time for government and other societal institutions to defend and approve said murder! It's tragically sad but true that in those forty years literally millions of babies have been murdered - some after live birth - simply because it didn't suit someone's expediency for that life to endure!

When I was in Israel I visited the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. There are many striking images to take away but perhaps the most graphic is the entrance that is forever seared into my brain and heart! As I approached the entrance I began to hear names being read - one after another. The entire inside is pitch black except for a single light. As the roll call continues on and on so does the light. The guide says to stay to the right and hold the hand rail. We wound around and around listening to the names in the darkness and seeing more and more candles flickering - lighting the darkness. Indeed the light was pushing back some of the darkness! Actually there was only one candle augmented by many mirrors. The names were the names of many of the children killed by the Nazis during their reign of terror.

This anniversary is no less tragic! The numbers this anniversary commemorates are far greater! But there are no names - no names at all! Millions upon millions of human lives snuffed out with no name!  It is a DARK blight on our nation and our world and society! It is a stain on civilization in our time! Pushing back such terrible darkness will only happen one flicker, one small "candle" at a time!  Jesus called His followers to be light and to reflect His Light - the Light of the World! He is the candle at the center and we are simply the mirrors reflecting His light and love in very dark places!

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