Friday, February 4, 2011

"Heart Attack"!

Yesterday when I got to my car after school I looked at the screen on my cell phone and saw that I missed a number of calls. When I checked them I found they were all from the same person - my friend Elizabeth. Then I talked to John and found that she called him, too, and that he talked to her. She was very sad and upset.
She came over last night. She needed hugs and someone to care and listen. Yesterday was the two year anniversary of her mother's death. For 21 years her mother was the only person in her world and now she is gone. A few months before her mother died, Elizabeth's dear Siberian husky Timber also died.
Yesterday AM she got a call from her homeless, addicted, dysfunctional father who called her "selfish" because he was cold and on the street.
She is living with her grandparents who don't want her to see or have any relationship to anyone else. She is 23 and lonely, scared and hurting! In short she is having a huge "heart attack"!
As she sat talking to us last night she finally said, "You know, God seems so far away. So much sad and bad has happened to me. I'm afraid my life is over that I will never have friends or a family - someone to love me. I'm so lonely!"
We told her there is a cure for "heart attacks" like hers - Jesus - and that He is the ONLY One who can make a difference in her very hard, very sad circumstances.
Like so many others who suffer "heart attacks" of the same kind, she needs her heart restored as only Jesus can!
Who do you know having a silent "heart attack" who needs God's and your intensive care?

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