Friday, May 21, 2010

The Problem with Weeds!

I spent a few days the last week in the hospital. As we drove up the drive on my way home again, I looked at the flower beds around my front door. I was horrified! That "ground cover" I had only a little of for the past six years or so had suddenly exploded. It wasn't a pretty sight!
This morning as soon as it was light I pulled on old clothes and went out to attack those pesky weeds. By my calculation I have at least eight more hours at the task and then some ... There's a BIG problem with weeds: They have lots of little roots! These are particularly nasty in that regard!
I'm sure some of the roots have gone to ground to fight another day, but I'll be there with shovel and trowel in hand - ready and waiting! I'm on the offense with boots on the ground!
As I weeded, I contemplated ... what about those things in my life that seem so okay that really have deep, twisted roots that end up being pretty ugly in the end? I need to work on those, too!

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