Monday, March 22, 2010

A Servant Heart

A servant heart? Where? When? Really?

Yesterday at A Restoration Church I saw a servant heart in living, stunning action. Most of us were buzzing around like worker bees cleaning up, resetting the rooms where we worship, putting up, washing up. All the servant hearts were in full blown motion!

Then I saw a most amazing thing! My friend who mostly tools around in her power wheelchair - and who often sits in the middle of the hubbub and bemoans that she can't help - found a job she could do. Her hands shake, and she has trouble gripping things. Yesterday she found something to do and it was amazing to watch!

She got the sponge mop and began "joy sticking" her way around the room pushing the mop, stopping wherever there was a tougher patch. There she rubbed a little harder.

Another friend with MS that is beginning to advance pretty rapidly was packing and even carrying bins to our storage area.

Another friend lost her husband just a few weeks ago, but she brought the main dish yesterday and stood at the sink washing dishes until the last one was clean and dry.

My friend who has just recently joined us for worship started to leave, stopped and jumped in to help - quickly and efficiently.

We have a fellowship meal together after worship. Our 6'6" Ukrainian pianist and friend who just loves to eat good food doesn't get his food or sit down until he's pushed keyboard, speakers and other bulky items to the storage area.

AND there were others - all pitching in to do whatever their hands found to do. Almost everyone was putting Ecclesiastes 9:10 into motion: "Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might."

BUT the MOST amazing snapshot of a servant heart I saw was my friend in the power chair - the one with the biggest excuse to just sit and wait - mopping the floor in two big rooms. WOW!

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