Thursday, November 27, 2008

Be Thankful with a Grateful Heart!

Be Thankful!

"Give thanks with a grateful heart!"
  • Be thankful that you can still make a "wish list." Not having everything you could possibly want means you have something to look forward to!
  • Be thankful when you don't know something. Not knowing everything and knowing it means you still have opportunities to learn.
  • Be thankful for hard times. The difficulties in life push you (and all of us) to grow better (unless we choose to grow bitter which is a VERY bad choice).
  • Be thankful for limitations. They give us challenges to improve as we find ways around them.
  • Be thankful for every new challenge. In them we build both strength and character.
  • Be thankful when you make mistakes. That's how we learn valuable lessons - sometimes the most valuable lessons!
  • Be thankful when you're tired and weary. Then you know your efforts have accomplished something - usually meaningful - that makes a difference.
  • Being thankful for the good things is easy. Being thankful for hard times, setbacks and pain shows a maturity of soul that only God can bring.
  • Be thankful for your troubles, irritations, failures and pain. Then God can turn them into blessings for your heart and demonstrations to the watching world around you that He is the God who can make all things to work for His glory and our good!

~ adapted from author unknown ~

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