Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Presidential Election 2008

Two very different men are running for President of the United States: Barak Obama and John McCain. There are "multi-many" predictions about who is going to win and what precentage each has in any given poll.

People have strong opinions about each candidate and their running mates. Due to various factors actually unrelated to each man's competency to be elected to this highest office in our land (like race and sex and media coverage), this election cycle has probably been one of the most intense of any ever.

Add to that mix the dire predictions about our economy and numbers beyond my ability to comprehend, there is more than a little fear going around. Then, it seems the "Russians are coming" into the western hemisphere for war "games" for the first time since the "cold war" ended. More fear is going around!

I used to say that if so-in-so were elected, I'd move to Australia but given the state of Australia that's probably not a positive option. So it would be easy to be stuck in fear - like Peter was (Matthew 14:30-31) - looking at the waves crashing at my feet and taking my eyes off the One Who put the stars in place. He can certainly control and rule and overrule in the affairs of men made from the very sod He made (Gen. 2:7)!

A recent email reminds me of the truth that no matter who wins the election there are some unchangeable truths for my heart:
  1. The Bible will still have all the answers for living God's way.
  2. Prayer will still work. God will still be listening!
  3. God's Holy Spirit will still be at work restoring hearts and changing lives.
  4. God will still show up when His people worship.
  5. Faithful pastors will still preach God's truth.
  6. God's people will still have reason to praise Him!
  7. Jesus' work on the cross will still work to restore hearts and lives broken by sin.
  8. God's love, grace and mercy will not change.
  9. Jesus will still be the Friend Who sticks closer than a brother.
  10. God's purpose for His creation will still be working out according to His plan and the earth will be filled with "the knowledge of the Lord" as surely as the water covers the sea (Habbakuk 2:14).
So, yes, it does matter that serious Christians vote their conscience in this election, but we must remember that God is still on His throne no matter who wins!

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