Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Restoration Heart? Duh?

I'm very tired tonight! This has been a busy, out-of-the-ordinary week. The weekend ahead is going to be filled with family and good times and happy memories and TIRED!

I was just thinking about what it means REALLY and practically to talk about a heart in the process of restoration by God's grace. What does that look like when I'm tired? when you're tired? What does that look like when there's more list left than time to do it? What does that look like when I've given all I have and don't feel like I have anything else to give to anyone or anything? What does that look like when the woman in the Lexus behind me in traffic late last night honks and honks at me for not moving fast enough to suit her and then zips around me and slows to a crawl?

You get the picture. You're been there and done that just like I have. AND you know that that's the REAL test of how well the process of restoration is taking place! It's not in the saying! It's in the doing and being that real hearts in the process of God's real restoration show their meddle!

I don't want to just talk about being restored of heart. I want to BE a restoration heart! AND that's the hard part! That's why this business of restoration is something God has to do and be in me!

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