Monday, February 18, 2008

The Pink Killer - Breast Cancer

The women on the University of Pittsburgh's basketball team lost their game to the University of Conneticut yesterday. They scored less points through the basket than Conneticut did.

BUT the women players, the coaches and the fans of the University of Pittsburgh's women's basketball team scored big at that game. It was "Pink the Peterson" Day to raise awareness for breast cancer and its victims. At almost any PIttsburgh event, there is a sea of black and gold. Not at this game! Everyone including the Pitt team wore pink - even the Pitt panther mascot.

It was especially neat because one of the players on Pitt's team lost her mother last fall due to breast cancer. What an outpouring of support for Phro!

My own grandmother died from cancer that probably started as breast or ovarian cancer, but - by the time she was diagnosed - was so far advanced that she had metastasis everywhere. It's an ugly disease. It's a killer.

Kudos to Coach B and her coaches and players for a great campaign against the Pink Killer yesterday! You won even if the score didn't reflect the victory!

Shame on us in the church of Jesus Christ when we don't show the same concern for social ills than others who have much less reason!

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